Olive Works

Olive is helping all types of people change the way they work and live. See how Olive has helped the following people live better.



Safi is from Modesto and was forced to commute almost 2hrs each way into San Francisco to work as a rideshare driver. Olive gave him an extra 4hrs each day.

“Using Olive costs less than it does for me to drive home. By eliminating my commute I am able to use those extra hours everyday to sleep, workout and earn more money!”



Eric a part-time rideshare driver that works a few days at a time. Olive has removed the hassle of sharing hotel rooms and provided a consistent alternative.

“Hotels are too expensive for a night and coordinating with others to share a room is a hassle. Olive gives me peace of mind that I will have a safe place to recharge.”



Marco drives full-time for various rideshare & delivery platforms. He needs a place to recharge in-between shifts.

“I often work so late that I don’t have the energy to drive all the way home. Olive gives me everything I need to start another shift feeling refreshed.”