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How It Works


Select Your Dates

Pick the dates that work best for your schedule


Choose Your Friends

Select which friends you want to stay with or let our system connect you with people in your network


Book Your Room

We will handle the rest! Just tell the front desk your name when you arrive to get your key card

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I trust the people in my room?

We take the quality of our users very seriously.

All of our users have been referred by another member on the platform. We interview every new member. Every guest is reviewed after every stay and we have a zero tolerance policy for misconduct.

How does the pairing work?

When you book a room you can list the friends you would like to pair with. We track these friends and whenever you book a stay at the same time as them, we will pair you!

If you don’t have any listed friends booking at the same time, we will pair you with people in your network (Facebook groups etc.) or other members of our service.

When is my room confirmed?

The second you book! We promise a room even if we can’t fill it with other people.

Simply tell the front desk at the hotel your name when you arrive to get your key card and begin your stay.

Can I get a bed or room to myself?

Yes! The default option lets you reserve one spot in a 4-person room. If you want a queen bed to yourself please select a quantity of 2 spots at checkout, or for the full room select 4.

Do I need to list my friends every time I book?

Nope! Simply add your friends the first time you book and we will keep a record for all future bookings.

If you want to add or remove more friends just let us know and we will update your friends list.

What about parking?

All spots come with free and secure parking, conveniently located right outside of your room.

What if I have a complaint about another guest?

Please notify us immediately and we will make sure to never pair you with that person again.

We will evaluate the seriousness of the complaint and will remove the member from the platform if appropriate.

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to reach out to us at anytime!

Call or text us at (510) 671-5776 or e-mail us at community.olive@gmail.com